Wellesley Book Awards


“As a student, it is one thing to continuously work hard all year and another to be acknowledged for that hard work. For me, this award is that acknowledgement and I would like to thank you for being a part of this. The book is absolutely gorgeous and I couldn't ask for a better representation of what Wellesley stands for as a college.” – WCNC Book Award Recipient


The Book Award program was started in 1982 to honor high school juniors who are chosen by their school staff for their intelligence, determination, motivation, and achievement. These women are the academic leaders in their secondary schools and visible members of their schools and communities. The Book Award Program brings visibility of Wellesley to high achieving students; often showcasing a college education that high school students thought was not attainable for them.


While some of the students honored may not have heard of Wellesley, upon receiving the award many apply to the College. The Book Award Program allows teachers, parents, and students to get to know Wellesley better. By honoring them with the Book Award (typically in ceremonies where other students hear about Wellesley as well), we continue the legacy of Wellesley’s rich history of students who have demonstrated excellence in the classroom and in personal achievements.


We offer The Norton Book of Women's Lives, a collection of twentieth century literature of women's lives through their autobiographies, journals, and memoirs. The Wellesley edition is a blue linen slip-cased publication with the Wellesley seal embossed in gold and a bookplate printed on a special tipped-in page.

How you can support the WCNC Book Award program


1) Give a donation. The WCNC participation in the Wellesley Book Award program is supported through WCNC membership dues and donations.


2) Volunteer to present an award in-person at a high school ceremony. Ceremonies take place at the end of the school year (April – June).


3) Recommend high schools to add to our annual outreach. Our annual outreach takes place February – March and it is helpful if you have a contact at the school you recommend.


For any questions or to learn more, please contact Christina Curry ’02.