Get Involved

Want to get involved with our club?

We have many roles needing volunteers, including the positions described below. Contact Laura Gonzalez '95 - - for more information.

Community Service Coordinator

We are currently recruiting for a second coordinator. 

Gathering for community service projects is a fun way to visit with alumnae friends and make new ones while developing skills and being helpful to the greater community. Objectives for community service are at the discretion of the Coordinator(s). Currently we organize a half-day project per quarter, diversifying the events by location, time of day, day of the week, and type of activity. We choose events where the benefiting party is a well-managed organization accustomed to hosting volunteer groups. In this way we appeal to the broadest audience, and, ensure that our work is productive, worthwhile and valued. 

Examples of previous service projects  

  1. At the San Francisco Food Bank, box dry goods for seniors  
  2. In SF for the Princess Project, unpack donated dresses, sort and rack them  
  3. At an Alameda organic farm, prepare the site for an upcoming community fair   
  4. In Berkeley for Writer Coach Connection, stuff envelopes for the annual fund drive

In addition to regular attendance at in-person club Board meetings, the Coordinator’s tasks include

  1. Identifying event opportunities
  2. Working with organizations to coordinate volunteer projects
  3. Coordinating with the WCNC President to ensure that the event is announced through the monthly e-newsletter and Facebook
  4. Capturing RSVPs and staying in contact with participants
  5. Greeting participants at the event and capturing feedback; coordinating with the site manager
  6. Capturing photos to be posted on Facebook and the web site
  7. Organizing a social hour after the event (usually lunch at a local cafe)
  8. Surveying alumnae once a year for wishes and opportunities

Membership Coordinator

The club membership coordinator is responsible for promoting the WCNC and the benefits of membership at club events through personal, one-on-one contact as well as delivering formal pitches as part of the program. In addition to attendance at in-person club Board meetings, duties include the following:

  1. Develops and executes strategy to increase membership
  2. Sets membership goals and tracks and reports on progress
  3. Maintains membership lists in coordination with the club treasurer
  4. Welcomes new members with personalized emails
  5. Drafts personalized communications for membership renewal